Pest control companies often get calls to reschedule their pest inspections/treatments on rainy days. This is because most people think that pest control treatments will be washed up with the rain, so they reschedule for another day. However, pest control treatments are usually not affected by the rain because most of the walls in your home are protected by overhangs and rarely get wet. In fact, it is usually dry around the windows, door frames, and cracks where pest control companies seal up and spray.

So How does rain impacts Pest Control Treatment?

Rain can soften the soil, which helps to draw insects out. This is why you may sometimes see a trail of ants traveling indoors on a rainy day. If the insects are already out of where they live and breed, being exposed by the rain, it is easier for exterminators to rid your home of these pests.



Another reason why rain can be beneficial to pest control is because specially formulated granular pellets are placed on the lawn during pest control treatments that actually need water to help activate them. The rain carries these granular insecticides deep into the soil and prevents ants, crickets, spiders, earwigs and other pests from sneaking into your home.

So, if you have an appointment set up for pest control and it begins to rain, don’t reach for the phone right away to reschedule. Instead, let your pest control company do its job in the rain or shine by preventing unwanted pests from getting inside your home. If you have discovered unwelcome pests in your home, give the pest control experts at Pests R Us a call today to schedule your pest inspection.

Have a pest-free lifestyle 🙂