We’ve all had to deal with a stinging insects at least once in our lifetime. The most common ones are bees, hornets and wasps, but can you tell the difference between them and how does it affects us as their victims?

Bees are very important species, as they serve as pollinators for plants. Wasps and hornets serve their own purpose, but do a lot of harm and can be very dangerous especially for people with allergies.

While dangerous and very aggressive, wasps and hornets do serve an ecological purpose by helping control some pest populations. All of these species sting. There is a common misconception that bees do not- they do, but often only in defense or when their nest is disturbed. Yellow jacket wasps, particularly, are attracted to certain things and oddly enough, they are attracted to human sweat in seek of salty moisture. Hornets are mostly just ill-tempered and will sting repeatedly and aggressively. Observe only from a distance and do not attempt to control them or exterminate them if you know nothing about them.