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“We have used Pests “R” Us for years now and I can honestly say Harold is as professional and genuine as they come. He can answer any of your questions and concerns and never seems like he is in a hurry to get to the next job. Doing the job right and making sure his customers are satisfied is his number one priority!!”
Jason| June 2014

“This is the second time I have called Pests R Us. Fortunately it has been two times, for two different houses. Both of the times they have shown up on time. Harold and his son are great. Both are very polite and with great customer service. They walked me through the process and what potential problems might come up after they had fumigated my house. They sprayed a substance that is safe, we didn’t have to cover or put away anything. Both of the times they offer a 30 day guarantee, but both of the times the pest never showed up again so I didn’t have to call them again for the same problem at all. Finally their price is great, I remember I call them the first time about 6 years ago, nowadays it is the same price! In conclusion Pests R Us is a great company! Great customer service, professional, reliable, and effective service at a great price. I definitely and highly recommend Pests R Us”.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Pedro V.| June 2015

“We recently hired Pests R Us due to a Black Widow problem we have. I must say from the phone call with Bridgette to the plan of action with Harold was awesome. He came out and took his time explaining what the process is and what we can do on our end to help keep them away. He was very thorough and was in no rush to leave until he knew he narrowed down the source and put a plan together. Turns out we also have a cricket problem. He did his thing and BOOM my wife is no longer running around the house screaming like they are there for her!! They’re prices are great, I’m sure we’ll have them out on a monthly basis. Happy wife…Happy life!!! Thank you guys :)”

Jason G.| May 2015

“Used a different company for several years when we first purchased our home but had an incident where they tried to overcharge for a separate problem we had which was disappointing to say the least. We called around and found Pest R Us…we have now used their services for the last 3 years (we have a scheduled monthly service). Harold is completely fair and very HONEST. I recommend them 100%”.

Adriana H.| November 2015

“I recently had a fly infestation and called several places to see if I had a dead rodent or what the problem might be. Pests R Us are the only ones who called back. I had a thorough conversation over the phone, and then Quincy came out the same day and checked the attic, crawl space and rest of the house without charge. He didn’t try to swindle me into getting some work done, assured me the house was fine and advised me on what I could do to deal with the flies. I at least have the peace of mind that I don’t have rodent. What a great experience with them.”

Chicago | August 2017

“When you contact a pest control company you’re looking for results! First you must trust that they know what they’re doing and if they’re using an effective solution to do the job required. With this company all the bases are covered! Harold is a God fearing man who approaches your problems as if they were his own & with solutions that get the job done! He knows that word of mouth is how he has sustained this business successfully over the years and not taking short cuts like large commercial pest control companies tend to do in order to prolong their services. Harold eradicates the problem presented so that you share the experience with others, hence word of mouth. Trusted choice for any pest control concerns!”

Joe | March 2019